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Any questions or concerns about your specific adventure Fit for Trips can help.

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  • Guess what? You don’t need to join a gym to get into shape for your particular trip! If you do belong to a gym, DON’T QUIT!

    Fit for Trips has developed a marriage between comprehensive Resistance training AND Endurance training to afford you the chance to get into peak physical and mental condition for your adventure.

    Yes, your purchase ALWAYS includes both a Resistance Training Program AND an Endurance Training Program. AND, along with many other features, you will get a simple chart that tells you exactly when to perform the Resistance Training Program and when to perform the Endurance Training Program. It’s not only simple to follow, but we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Resistance Training

  • Every purchase comes with a Resistance Training Program based on YOUR level of experience:
    • Level I – Beginner: Congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming a physically fit and healthy individual! Resistance training is key to getting to your destination injury free. Generally, during this component of training, your body and mind will become stronger by lifting weights, using the latest strength enhancing techniques, and getting you into optimal physical shape. Sounds like a lot of work? Just picture yourself hiking through Yellowstone Park or smelling the scent of success when you reach the peak of your choice. If biking, hiking or paddling is your dream, this element of your routine is crucial!
    • Level II – Intermediate: Good for you! You’re almost there. Fit for Trips created this program for people who currently perform a weekly resistance-training program. We’ll enhance your current routine and step it up a notch. It will replace your current routine so that the Summit of your choice is within your reach. Again, if biking, hiking or paddling is your dream, this element of your routine is crucial!
  • Printable reference charts with photos showing the beginning and ending ranges for every exercise
  • Your Resistance Program will give you confidence and ability to overcome any physical obstacle between points A and B.


    Your Resistance Training Program includes a short instructional video for EVERY exercise. Even better, these instructions can be uploaded to your video iPod or iPhone! Step-by-step guidance will be a significant part of your training program.

    You’ll also have access to printable reference charts with photos showing you the beginning and ending ranges for every exercise.

    Home or gym-based training programs available

Endurance Training

Fit for Trips includes with every purchase, a comprehensive Endurance-Program specific to your trip.

  • Again, Fit for Trips is with you all the way. We offer a “Quick-Glance” feature to easily understand each daily workout.

    Your Endurance Program will give you energy and stamina to get from points A to point B.

    Not sure how much energy to exert for each workout? Fit for Trips offers an Endurance Intensity Zone Calculator. This will automatically customize your training zones so you know exactly how much energy to exert during each workout.

    You’ll be given detailed endurance instructions along with a printable reference chart for when you’re on-the-go!

Additional Features

  • Fit for Trips is there for you!

    Full support for the entire duration of your adventure-specific fitness program.

    Ask questions! We answer every email and return each phone call. YOU are our most important client.

    Any modifications we make to your program – based on your questions and feedback – will instantly show up in your fitness program charts.

    Tangible progress tracking available through the Fit For Trips website.

    Full money back guarantee
    4 to 15+ week programs available



    If you are 6 months away from your departure date, but want to get started on your training program right now, we can do that! We’ll discuss how you can use any training program you purchase to your advantage. As your date of departure draws near, we will begin your program in earnest at no additional cost! In other words, we'll tell you how to use any 4-15 week program for 6 months!

    Once you purchase a fitness package, Fit for Trips is you partner!

    ** For all Custom Fitness Programs Fit For Trips will discuss itinerary details with your travel provider if necessary. An added bonus of working with Fit For Trips is our close relationship with your tour operator. You can count on us to ensure that you get the most out of your adventure.

    If your itinerary is physically demanding, a 4-Week fitness programs is ONLY recommended to Level II exercisers. Preparing for a physically demanding trip requires at least 8 weeks of training if you are a beginner exerciser. Note: A Level II exerciser consistently performs a weekly resistance-training program that incorporates various forms of squats and lunges. Contact us for clarification: