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My body felt great after my rim to river to rim Grand Canyon hike. Never felt so good after a long hike. The Fit for Trips exercises targeted the muscles that needed to be shaped up and made the hike much more enjoyable. Never would have thought about doing all those exercises.

To be able to wake up after a 10-mile hike, 4500 foot ascent and jump out of bed and not be stiff and sore truly enhanced my experience.

Mark A. from Iowa


I am back from climbing the Volcanoes in Ecuador and can report that "Fit for Trips" exercise plan worked. I was in great shape and performed beyond my expectations.

In fact, the local lead guide commented: "You are really in good shape." One of my fellow climbers asked for your site because he was so impressed with my fitness.

Unfortunately terrible weather turned us back from the major summit, but I still got to 18,000 feet in a technical climb involving ropes, crampons, ice axe, etc.

Jim M. from Michigan


In response to your query, let me tell you that your program is excellent. I followed your 3 month program scrupulously and am in the best shape I have been in since I was in High School. It gave me the confidence that I was certain that if I were not affected by the altitude there was no question that I would reach the summit. The altitude was not a problem and I reached the summit easily. I will certainly find other mountains to climb. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks and feel free to use me as a reference.

W. F. from Massachusettes


It definitely worked for me. I really appreciated being able to touch base regularly with the staff. They helped me immensely. I have NEVER been in such good shape in my life. In fact- people have asked me how I did it!

I did the 9 day Kilimanjaro trek. I experience no aches, pains or any other physical ailments on the trip. No doubt this was because I was completely physically prepared. I will definitely use FitForTrips another time. And hopefully soon- as I am now addicted to adventure!

M. B. from Massachusettes


I was not skeptical because I know I am motivated by having a definite plan. Fit for Trips gave me that. It definitely worked. I downloaded the videos to my i-phone, and they were a great help in the gym.

After a walking trip that proved to be more difficult than expected, I decided to train for the next one. What a difference! I was never stressed and enjoyed every day after my Fit for Trips training.

I don't have to be the first one up the hill, but I can't stand having the group waiting for me at the top. This never happened after I trained prior to the trip. Who knew I would be willing to train in a stairwell? But the results were well worth it: hill towns in Tuscany, no problem!

P. B. from North Carolina


I returned this week from Rwanda and trekking the Mountain Gorillas. The trip was fabulous, exceeded my expectations.

I want to thank you very much for creating the fitness program for me. I'm sure I would not have had such a good time if I hadn't trained before going. It made such a difference. I was able to walk the inclines of the mountains and the miles to and from the forests without strain (and slipped a few times in the mud without injury).

Your support was excellent and I would recommend your company to others who are taking a similar trip.

Ruby B. from New York, 78 years young


In his book "Kissing Kilimanjaro", Daniel Dorr states that to successfully climb Kilimanjaro one needs to have three full buckets: fitness, attitude, and altitude. Thanks, FitForTrips, for filling my fitness bucket.

The program was well suited for one such as me who is not big on working out in the gym. The home version gave me the level of fitness I needed to climb the mountain. I never had to worry if my muscles would work for me...just focused on breathing!

Jane S. from Arkansas


I made it to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

I was SO prepared for the rigors of the Umbwe Route. Each day was really fun, challenging, but in no way more than my body could handle. I was never even sore following any of the long trekking days.

Fit for Trips was fantastic! Before my trip, I was confident that my workouts were efficient and focused - this gave me enormous peace of mind.

During the trip, I was energized and felt prepared for the rigors of the trail. I wasn't even sore on the longest trekking days. I was a very happy trekker. Thanks so much!

I can say that I was able to be somewhat of a motivator for my group because I didn't have to worry about my own body. I totally enjoyed your program and know it works!

Ali R. from Massachusettes


My Kilimanjaro trek with Thomson Safaris was a once in a life time experience, made even more special by the fact that I was in top physical form and fully prepared... thanks to Fit for Trips! I'll definitely be recommending their services to future trekkers."

Katie Cordes
Thomson Safaris - Kilimanjaro Program Manager


Everything helped but certainly the leg exercises were the most important for me. I had strong legs to begin with but the different exercises for all parts of my lower body strengthened muscles I hadn't used in a while and made the areas even stronger. Doing several types of workouts helped a lot too because nothing got too boring or old!

As I mentioned, the leg strength really helped because just getting in and out of the tents could be a chore so leg squats REALLY helped me. Also, upper body training. I didn't really think of how much upper body strength would be needed for trekking but I'm glad it was in my program. Using the trekking poles to push my body up onto rocks or to stabilize my body while descending so I didn't fall took a lot of energy and was a huge part of the trek. I'm glad upper body training was in my program and I also added some exercises of my own so I KNOW that helped me on my trip!

Coaches were very accessible and answered any questions I had immediately. I felt comfortable working with them, even if it wasn't that much.

Kim M. from Arizona


I never experienced muscle soreness or stiffness, and was able to handle all the climbing w/o difficulty. I was also never short of breath, so long as I respected the altitude and went slowly. Because I wasn't physically overwhelmed, I was able to really enjoy the climb and the beauty of the mountain, despite the constant rain and snow.

My daughter and I decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro together to celebrate my 57th birthday. I got your program and we trained together for three months before the climb. Each phase started out as a challenge, and it was a real confidence-builder as we mastered each one. Once on the mountain we were confronted with the worst weather our guides had experienced in years. Despite daily rain (then snow and sleet!) -- which made for some long days -- neither of us had any problems with muscle fatigue or shortness of breath, even above 10K feet. We paced ourselves, so were never out in front, but you know what they say about the tortoise and the hare!

Mary B. from Florida


I felt physically prepared for the trip and in better shape than some of the others on the trip.

Ann J. from Connecticut


I successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro thanks in large part to Fit For Trips. Thank you Marcus. You were a godsend!

The Fit For Trips program offered me the physical preparation for the strenuous climb and I was given individual attention and support whenever I needed it. Modifications were made as needed by the coaches. I highly recommend Fit For Trips.

Thank you Marcus!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I DID IT~~~~~~~~~

Kim W. from Baltimore


We changed our plans for summit day [on Mt. Kilimanjaro] due to bad weather. When we got up in the morning it was a blizzard-we left camp at 6am and summited at 1pm that day. The guides used a pick axe to break up the snow so we could hike through the snow (about 5-6"). Our guide was surprised that we all made summit as he expected we would turnaround due to the weather. Fortunately, about an hour before summiting the snow stopped and we were able to see the incredible glaciers. Out photos did not do the glaciers justice. Great trip! Thanks for all your help.

I definately used all my training to make it through this long day!

Christine T. from Washington