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Custom-PLUS Programs

For adventurers who want the ultimate personalized fitness program.

VALUE Fitness Package

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Any questions or concerns about your specific adventure Fit for Trips can help.

Your safety is our first concern.

  • Let’s get ready for your Adventure!

    Fit for Trips will help you determine the training program that’s right for YOU, based on YOUR itinerary. We will thoroughly review your itinerary AND speak to your travel provider. Fit for Trips caters to every type of adventurous vacation.

    1. Multi-Day Moderate Intensity Adventures
    2. Epic Challenges
    3. Single day Adventures
  • Fit for Trips offers 2 Programs…Which one is right for you?
  • Every Fit for Trips program includes activity-specific Strength AND Endurance training components based on proven sports-conditioning models used by professional athletes and trainers. Our goal is to get you in the best shape of your life! We want you to get most out of your adventure travel experience.
  • For both a Custom and Custom-PLUS fitness program option we begin by thoroughly reviewing your itinerary. In order to ensure your success and safety, we look at the following information:
    • Activity
    • Mileage
    • Terrain
    • Altitude
    • Pack weight
  • If you have purchased a Custom-PLUS Program, we will study your personal background:
    • Medical History
    • Exercise experience
    • Additional goals
  • **Fit for Trips will discuss itinerary details with your travel provider if necessary. An added bonus of working with Fit for Trips is our close relationship with your tour operator. You can count on us to ensure that you get the most out of your adventure.

Remember: Our goal is your success.

  • Our Custom fitness Programs are designed to get you in peak physical condition specifically for the activities in YOUR adventure. We use the most advanced, time-effective techniques available. Every one of our Custom fitness Programs are expertly crafted by a Fit for Trips Coach and comes with the full support of our staff to guide you.
  • Fit for Trips is your partner. We will be with you every step of the way. Custom Programs are available for any activity. As always, our programs come with a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.
  • We are ALWAYS AVAILABLE for you. Throughout your Custom fitness Program we will confer with you as often as you need by telephone and email.
  • ** For all Custom Fitness Programs Fit for Trips will discuss itinerary details with your travel provider if necessary. An added bonus of working with Fit for Trips is our close relationship with your tour operator. You can count on us to ensure that you get the most out of your adventure.

The Ultimate Training Package

  • Fit for Trips Custom-PLUS Programs are second to none for those adventurers who want a completely customized program to get physically fit for their specific itinerary and athletic goals. This package is ideal for the adventurer who places the highest priority on improving their fitness and performance. Don’t worry, we are realistic! Fit for Trips realizes that each athlete must maintain a balanced life that doesn't sacrifice family or career goals.
  • The Custom-Plus program will also meet the needs of those who have had past injuries or surgery and have been cleared by their doctors to participate in an exercise program.

    ** Some of the most common injuries are: ACL injuries, ankle sprains, rotator cuff strains.

  • Here’s how it works:

    You'll receive an in depth telephone conversation with a Fit for Trips Coach covering itinerary, training goals, current fitness levels, medical history (don’t forget to tell us about past injuries or limitations!) and best days of the week to train.

    A personalized program will be crafted specifically with your lifestyle constraints in mind so that you can achieve maximum performance results.

    We are ALWAYS AVAILABLE for you. Throughout your Custom-PLUS Program we will confer with you as often as you need by telephone and email.



    If you are 6 months away from your departure date, but want to get started on your training program right now, we can do that! We’ll discuss how you can use any training program you purchase to your advantage. As your date of departure draws near, we will begin your program in earnest at no additional cost! In other words, we'll tell you how to use any 4-15 week program for 6 months!

    Once you purchase a fitness package, Fit for Trips is you partner!


    Every Fit for Trips program is between 4-15 weeks in length. You want to be ready for your adventure, so the length of your training should coincide with your departure date. If your trip departs in 8 weeks, start training 8 weeks prior to your departure.

    We slowly and carefully increase the intensity and complexity of your training. An exercise program 8 weeks in length has two Phases of training. Phase 1 will last for the first 4 weeks and Phase 2 will last for the second 4 weeks. What happens is, Phase 1 gets you in shape for Phase 2. The more Phases in your program the better conditioned you will be.

    *Are you already in excellent shape? Do you exercise regularly? You might only need a 4-8 week training program. You will replace your current exercise regimen with a Fit for Trips Program to ensure that you are properly fit for the specific rigors on the trip.

    **Do you exercise infrequently, or not at all? Don't worry. We will help you gain the self assurance to fully enjoy your trip. You should consider using at least an 8-12 week Fit for Trips Program.


    1. 12-15 week programs typically have two to three phases. When you advance to each phase, so will your fitness.
    2. We NEVER want you to be bored with your program, and steady progress has a way of keeping you motivated!
    3. Most importantly, with each phase of training, you will see the changes in your physique, your level of stamina AND we know that you’ll be optimally prepared for your adventure.
  • **Program Length
    Most adventurers will benefit from programs that are longer in duration. Fit for Trips wants you to properly build the desired trip-specific strength and endurance. For that reason, a 12 week program may be better than an 8 week program and an 8 week program may be better than a 4 week program.
  • **Again, Safety FIRST!
    4 week programs are aggressive in nature and should only be attempted by adventurers already possessing a high level of fitness. This includes those who currently perform a weekly resistance-training program that incorporates various forms of squats and lunges as well as high intensity cardiovascular exercise.
  • Regardless of which program you choose, each one is guaranteed to get you fit for your trip. Just wait until you reach that Summit!!