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Custom-PLUS Programs

For adventurers who want the ultimate personalized fitness program.

VALUE Fitness Package

If you are single day adventurer desiring a VALUE package click button below.

Any questions or concerns about your specific adventure Fit for Trips can help.


  • Fit for Trips offers adventurers two types of programs: Custom Fitness Programs which are 4-15 weeks in length and Custom-PLUS Fitness Programs which can be designed for any length of time. All fitness programs include full support from the Fit for Trips staff to guide you every step of the way until the day you depart for your trip.

    For a thorough description of our fitness program options go to the  Fitness Programs  and  What’s Included section.
  • Every Custom Program is designed after a thorough review of your itinerary to ensure you are optimally prepared for the specific demands of your trip

    Custom Fitness Programs
    • 4 weeks - $169
    • 8-10 weeks - $279
    • 12-15 weeks - $339
  • Custom-PLUS Fitness Programs
    Custom-PLUS Program development goes a step beyond a thorough review of your itinerary. The process begins with an in-depth initial phone consultation with a Fit for Trips Coach to discuss your training goals, current fitness level, medical history (including injuries or limitations) and available schedule for training. Request a Custom-PLUS Program Quote and we will contact you within 24 hours.
  • Additional upgrades from our Custom Programs Include:
    • 30 minute initial phone consultation
    • Completely customized Resistance Training Program
    • Completely customized Endurance Training Program

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