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VALUE Fitness Package

If you are single day adventurer desiring a VALUE package click button below.

Any questions or concerns about your specific adventure Fit for Trips can help.

Who Is VALUE for?

  • Travelers who are planning non technical, single day excursions or easy adventure vacations.
  • Adventure travelers who want to test drive our programs at the lowest cost with the possibility of upgrading to a Custom Program or Custom-PLUS Program. When you purchase a VALUE program you will receive a promotional code that gives you $25 off an upgrade to a Custom Program or Custom-PLUS Program.
Note: If the VALUE fitness programs are too easy and do not meet the demands of your itinerary, consider upgrading to a Custom or Custom-PLUS program. Once you start introducing more complex and intense elements into your itinerary, i.e., multi-day trips, high altitude, high mileage, technical terrain, heavy pack weight, you are encouraged to upgrade to a Custom fitness program. If you have an injury or personal factors that could affect the program structure, you should upgrade to a Custom-PLUS fitness program. Both Custom options include a thorough review of your trip itinerary before we create your fitness program.

VALUE includes…

  • For only $49.95, you will receive the following four programs:

    Biking fitness program
    • Train to bike up to 25 miles on flat to easy rolling terrain.
    Hiking excursion fitness program
    • Get ready to hike up to 6 miles with easy elevation gain.
    Walking tour fitness program
    • Prepare to walk up to 6 miles with easy ascents and some stair climbing.
    Paddling excursion fitness program
    • Taking into account that you may not have access to a boat, this program prepares you for a half-day paddling excursion.

Detailed VALUE offerings

  • Four 5-week VALUE Fitness Programs, include biking, hiking, walking, and paddling. Each VALUE Fitness Program includes:
    • 5-Week Endurance Training program
      • Endurance Intensity Zone Calculator automatically customizes your training zones so you know how much effort to exert for every workout.
      • Detailed endurance instructions
      • Printable reference chart for on-the-go
      • Quick-glance features to easily understand each daily workout
    • 5-Week Resistance Training program
      • Beginner Resistance-Training Programs are designed for people with little experience performing Resistance Training or resistance train inconsistently. For example, if you do not regularly perform lunges and squats or you are apprehensive about trying a new Resistance Training program the VALUE Fitness Package might be right for you. For more advanced programs, see our Custom Program and Custom-PLUS Programs.
    • Training tips for a better trip experience written by experts