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New Company Offers Breakthrough Pre-Departure Fitness Programs for Active Travelers


Fit for Trips
CONTACT: Marcus Shapiro
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New Company Offers Breakthrough Pre-Departure Fitness Programs for Active Travelers
How one company can help you get in shape before your next adventure vacation

MARIETTA, Georgia- In a perfect world everyone would be physically fit before participating in an adventure travel trip. Many travelers then ask “How do I get fit for my trip?” A few over simplified tips may be found by visiting a tour provider’s FAQs page, but many questions remain unanswered which may leave travelers physically unprepared. This is why Fit for Trips was created, to partner with adventure focused tour operators to provide comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow pre-departure fitness programs for clients wanting to be in the optimal physical condition possible so they can make the most of their trips. Fit for Trips provides tour operators, at no cost, a turn-key way to offer clients comprehensive travel-fitness programs.

Founded by fitness trainer and adventure enthusiast Marcus Shapiro, Fit for Trips is quickly emerging as the go-to company for itinerary-specific resistance and endurance programs. With over twenty years of fitness experience and a love for adventure travel, Marcus decided to meld these two passions into Fit for Trips. He has been developing the concept since 1999, and in 2004 decided to harness the power of the Internet to create; after years of hard work launched in June 2009. Interviews with adventure travel company owners and industry leaders confirmed that Fit for Trips could contribute to strengthening the adventure travel industry. A survey of adventure travel enthusiasts confirmed that adventure travelers are eager for pre-trip workout programs targeted to the activities on their itineraries.

Fit for Trips strongly relies on tour operator partnerships. Partners refer clients; the Fit for Trips staff reviews the itineraries, and then creates programs so the travelers can physically prepare for the activities on their trip. This dedication to improving the physical fitness of adventure travelers worldwide has allowed Fit for Trips to create pre-departure fitness programs for tour operators that have been recognized as some of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Current tour operator partners include: Thomson Safaris; Ciclismo Classico; Adventures in Good Company; Terra Incognita Ecotours; Myths and Mountains; The World Outdoors; Explore Beyond; Hidden Trails; and O.A.R.S. Individual travelers not affiliated with a partnering tour company are also encouraged to utilize Fit for Trips services. Fitness programs can be created for an easy adventure vacation, a multi-day moderate intensity adventure, or an epic challenge and everything in between. Options are always available for either home or gym training. Easy online-virtual tools, (i.e., videos and photos) also make the programs easy-to-learn. The straightforward programs are revolutionizing how travelers prepare for their adventurous trips.

“The adventure travel industry has established a high level of service and an array of trips that are really dreams manifested in the form of an itinerary,” says Mr. Shapiro. “Why the industry has not produced a company that provides travelers with the highest quality pre-departure fitness information and support is not clear.” “By the tour operator’s own standards,” continues Mr. Shapiro, “providing an over simplified answer or no solution for getting in shape should be considered unacceptable.” Fit for Trips is headed toward setting a new precedent by providing comprehensive pre-departure fitness programs to any traveler that is serious about getting the most out of their adventure vacation.

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